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CIS employs skilled faculty and staff who are carefully chosen for their qualifications, varied backgrounds and experience, and sensitivity to learners' needs.

It is the hard work, energy and passion of our faculty which makes Carlsbad International School such a wonderful place to live and work, and such a thriving and successful community of learners achieving their potential.
Davi Sanchez Netto is the Head of School at Carlsbad International School since August 2016. He joined CIS after his assignment as the Head of Secondary School at Oberoi International School in Mumbai, India. Also, for nine years Davi was the Upper School Principal at Escola Americana de Campinas; a school with over 700 students in Brazil.

With a strong background in athletics as well as a masters in education from Framingham State University, Davi brings a dynamic and innovative leadership style to CIS. A certified International Education Leader by the PTC, Davi strives to aid students in developing 21st century skills, which will help them succeed in multiple environments and life in general.
Aaron Wright
Academic Programs, IB Diploma Program, and Language School Coordinator; Registrar; English Language and Literature Teacher
Aaron Wright is originally from Kentucky in the United States, but has spent the past eight years teaching English in South Korea, Japan, and Turkey.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in English language and literature, a Master's degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is TESOL certified, and is currently working towards his second Masters in International Relations at American University in Washington, D.C. His past work experiences include not only teaching English at the high school level, but also business English to adults, conversational English, and advanced grammar courses. Over the last four years he has worked as curriculum and program coordinator for 9th grade English literature, IB Extended Essay Coordinator, IB Theory of Knowledge (ToK) teacher, and Model United Nations director.
Anna Jordan
IBDP and Pre-DP English Language and Literature, and EAL (English as an Additional Language) Teacher
Anna Jordan has just finished two years of teaching at Taipei European School in Taiwan and has also lived and taught in Beijing, Istanbul, New Zealand and the UK.

Originally from New Zealand, Anna has a love of the outdoors and enjoys traveling and playing music. She is very excited about the possibilities to explore and enjoy the culture that Czech Republic has on offer.
Christian Alexander
IBDP English B and EAL (English as an Additional Language) Teacher
Christian Alexander hails from the Los Angeles area in Southern California. He attended Purdue University where he majored in Health Education and went on to a career in the allied health field, eventually becoming a medical diagnostic sonographer.

His first international teaching position was in the Philippines where he taught Health and English classes, and then in South Korea for several years. There, he taught EAL English and Coordinated the DP CAS Programme, and earned his Master's degree in Education. His last post was in India for two years.
Petra Mazurova
Spanish and Czech Teacher
Petra Mazurová, a native of the Czech Republic, spent most of her childhood living abroad in t Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay. She holds a degree in Spanish Language, History and Literature from Charles University in Prague, for which her thesis was nominated for the Premio Iberoamericano Award.

Petra has taught Spanish for more than 15 years, and when not in the classroom she enjoys traveling, reading, swimming and diving.
Petra Laufkova
French teacher
Originally from Carlsbad, Petra had a chance to spend one year in France and one year in Portugal. She holds a Master`s degree in French Language & Literature as well as in Translating & Conference Interpreting. Before joining CIS, she worked as a freelance translator, interpreter and language teacher while attending a pedagogical program for linguists and preparing her PhD in Portuguese Linguistics.
Aside from teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and hiking in beautiful forests around Carlsbad.
Petra is very excited about working with young people and being part of an international team.
Johanna Ackermann
Mathematics Teacher
Johanna Achermann was born and raised in South Africa where she received a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Economics. She taught Math for 10 years in South Africa. After that, she lived in Kuwait for 7 years where she taught at The American Creativity Academy. It is in Kuwait where she gained some IB experience. She also lived for a short while in Morocco. After teaching 2 years at the Internationella Engelska Skolan in Sweden, she joined CIS.

Navid Khaheshi
IBDP and Pre-DP Math teacher and Pre-DP Physics Teacher
As a geotechnical engineer who made up his mind to follow his passion and become a full-time mathematics and physics teacher, Navid values both logical and emotional aspects of life. To answer the question "why do the majority of students have problem with math?", he did extensive research about the mechanism of brain, its biases and limitations; and he realized that there are quite a few factors among which emotional drives and constructive habits played a more dominant role than logical tools in learning. Now his aim is to create positive habits in classrooms, so students can manage and optimize their energy to deal with lessons.

After teaching in Malaysia for 9 years in several international schools, he decided to join CIS to experience a different culture, climate and workplace.

Aside from teaching, Navid is an avid reader whose interest ranges from mathematics and science to philosophy, psychology and literature. In parentheses, Milan Kundera is one of his favorite writers of all time and a reason he decided to come to the Czech Republic. He is also a writer and a blogger who shares his points of view about education, philosophy and science of mind, and especially learning mathematics, in his website.
Anaïs Grivot
IB Physics and Chemistry Teacher
Anaïs Grivot is originally from France but she has been working abroad for the past seven years. She holds a master's degree in chemical engineering that she completed at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

She first started her career as a researcher in the field of material sciences and later joined the French Embassy in Oulan-Bator where she worked as a nuclear attaché for a couple of years. She then had the opportunity to follow one of her lifelong dreams and pursued her career in the world of education by teaching Physics in an International School in Mongolia.
Kristina Miguel
Environmental Systems and Societies and Life Science Teacher
Kristina Miguel began her career in education in Manila in 2002, where she taught science and math to middle school students. She holds a bachelor's degree in Biology, pursued a master's degree in International Studies, and took post baccalaureate courses in Education. In 2008, she started teaching internationally and has since taught in different countries including the US, Taiwan and Singapore. Teaching abroad has given her the opportunity to teach various curricula and programs, and be exposed to different contexts.

Aside from teaching, she enjoys the arts, music, food and travel. She is excited to to be part of the Carlsbad International School community and she looks forward to being on this new adventure.
Christiaan Summerhill
IBDP Psychology and Pre-DP Humanities Teacher
E. Christiaan Summerhill has been teaching Social Studies for over 10 years. A proud graduate of Morehouse College with a BA in Psychology and the University of Massachusetts Boston with an M. Ed. in Secondary History, Christiaan is excited to be joining the CIS family. He has taught in Boston as well as most recently at the American School of Yaounde in Cameroon. He is an experienced athletic coach (JV & Varsity American Football as well as Varsity Basketball) and academic coach and adviser (Moot Court, Mock Trial, & Policy Debate, & Student Government). Through the Pre-DP History and the DP Psychology curriculum, Christiaan is looking forward to engaging students to be critical thinkers as global citizens.
Janeth Alexander
IB DP Economics and Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Teacher
Janeth Alexander started her career as an Accountant and Analyst. She worked within the corporate financial sector for many years and experienced the gamut of business and economic transactions. After deciding to change her career to teaching, she found a unique opportunity to share her experiences of business and economics by crafting units that provide reality-based experiences for her students. This invaluable skill allows her to provide an experience like no other and her students can engage in experiences that enable them to function within profession expectations - even before graduating high school.

Janeth has nine years experience teaching IB DP Economics and IB DP Business Management and she is an IB DP Economics Examiner. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Purdue University and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership.

She loves to spend time with her husband, Chris (CIS CAS Coordinator and English teacher), and two teenage children. She loves cycling and looks forward to new experiences in Czechia and at CIS.
Patricia Johnston
Visual Arts Teacher
Patricia Johnston is from Chicago where she was a photo/ film stylist in advertising before she earned a Masters of Art Education from Northern Illinois in Art Education. Since earning her teaching degree and Masters Patricia has taught visual art for 14 years in Thailand, Malaysia, U.S.A. and China. She also is an IB Visual Art Extended Essay and Visual Art Studio Examiner.

Patricia is thrilled to join the CIS international staff and students. She is excited to explore and lead trips to the local galleries, art performances and travelling throughout the Czech Republic and Europe. When not in the classroom Patricia enjoys socializing with friends, swimming, kayaking, knitting, photography, and is a working artist.
Ryan Jordan
College and Emotional Counsellor
Prior to spending the previous two years in Taipei, Ryan has worked in China, the United States, Thailand and England.

Ryan has a background in education, a masters in leadership, and experience in both university admissions and guidance counseling which has helped develop a fluid college counseling program that works with students to find their best "fit" university or path.

Originally from Minnesota, Ryan has a passion for spending time outdoors, playing music and being mindful.
Peter Taufer
Activities Director
Peter Taufer was born and raised in New Zealand from Czech parents, and developed an appreciation for the outdoors that has lead him to work within the whitewater-rafting, sledging, and ski industries.

Peter has a Bachelor of Education, and has recently returned from 3 years teaching physical education in a school of over 1200 students in Lisbon, Portugal. Prior to that, Peter was the senior school Head of physical education and sports coordinator at the Prague British School for nine years.
Simona Vargova
Activities Supervisor
Simona Vargová is a native of the Slovak Republic. The completino of her Master´s degree in Management of Physical Educations and Sports at Charles University in Prague inspired her to a career in organising sport events. As a manager, she took a part in organising committees of major sporting events such as 1st European Games in Baku; European Youth Olympic Festival in Tbilisi and European Sport Corporate Games in Prague. Before joining CIS, she held the position of Director of Slovak Corporate Sport Games.

She has also experience of volunteering in sport and working with youth as an outdoor activities instructor and a ski instructor. These positions helped her develop leadership and interpersonal skills. She loves to inspire people and to make sport accessible for others in order to try something new. Her interests include traveling and learning languages.
Larisa Kondrateva
Director of Residential Life/Dean of Students
Larisa Kondrateva is an experienced educator, who has spent more than 20 years working with children. Besides this, she has been working as an associate school director, managing various administrative issues and tasks, for 6 years prior to coming to CIS. Larisa is mostly interested in the educational processes, which contribute to the formation of the kids' personalities and affect their future professional paths. Larisa was involved in a number of international events, bringing up the students from different countries.
Denis Vaitsekhovskii
Boys' Dorm Supervisor
Denis is a young professional who has recently started his journey in the world of education. In 2017, he graduated from Central European University in Budapest, where he had a part time voluntary position as a Dorm Counselor. He has an extended experience in international communities, dorm life, and living abroad.

He is originally from Smolensk, Russia, where he received his first degree in Public Administration. During his studies, he has always been interested in the issues of education, taking part in organizing numerous cultural and educational events for teenagers, working at the local Department of Education, Science and Youth.
Talita Nader
Girls' Dorm Supervisor
Talita Nader is native from Brazil with a solid international background, which started as a student in an American school in her home town in Brazil. She holds a Law degree from the University of Fribourg, in Switzerland, with special focus on Criminal and EU/International Law, and practiced as a licensed lawyer and legal counsel in Brazil for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games for 4 years. After the Games, Talita further specialized in Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Non-Profit organizations, and began her career in Education in a startup bilingual school in Rio de Janeiro, in 2017, teaching English as part of a levelling program for admitted students. Apart from English and Portuguese, Talita is also fluent in French.
Alena Markusková
Alena Markusková graduated from High Nursing School in Karlovy Vary and Institute for Specialized Education in Surgical and Internal Medicine in Brno Czech Republic. She became registered nurse in 2005. Before she came to CIS, she was the head nurse at one of the biggest Spa Hotels in Karlovy Vary. For many years she worked as a nurse in balnelogy and she was employed at the Youth Sanatorium. Alena has professional experience as a nurse in the local hospital. She can speak English, Russian and some German.
Simona Dally
After graduation from nursing college, Simona was accepted as a nurse to children department of Karlovy Vary Hospital. Later, she started working in one of the city's spa-hotels, specializing on children's treatment. Simona has lived in the Caribbean for four years. Upon returning, she started working at the Hotel Thermal in Karlovy Vary. Simona speaks English, Russian, German, and Czech languages.
Adelya Nesrsta
Associate Director of Marketing
Adelya Nesrsta has graduated with bachelor in Creative Multimedia in such a wonderful Asian country as Malaysia is. There she spent last 7 years . She was born in Russia, raised up in Kazakhstan. Before joining CIS she was a member of the marketing team in one of the leading Malaysian private universities. She is bringing her experience to CIS. She enjoys working in international teams like CIS.
Petr Hencl
Operations Manager
Petr Hencl, a native of Karlovy Vary, joined CIS in 2015. Since September 2017 he has been working as an Operations Manager. In the past he worked at various positions in the BMW company in the Czech Republic and Germany. His main responsibilities were car sales to premium customers and communication with the company headquarters.
Miroslav Franc
Head Chef
Mr. Franc, a native-son of Karlovy Vary, brings 20 years of experience and has worked in hotels such as the Grand Hotel Pupp, Savoy West End, and Bristol Palace.

Additionally, he brings solid knowledge of international cuisine obtained while working abroad in Germany, Italy, France, Poland and the Slovak Republic.
Tomáš Nesrsta
IT Manager
Originally from Karlovy Vary, Tomáš Nesrsta joined CIS in 2017 as an IT Coordinator. He also assists CIS' sister organizations located around Karlovy Vary with their IT equipment set-up and support. In his free time, Tomáš likes to spend time with his family, ski, travel and learn more about the latest technology trends.
Tereza Červenková
HR Manager
Tereza Červenková has graduated with a Master's degree in Communications and Mass Media in Prague. After the university, she decided to work at the Human Resources area. Before joining CIS, she was a member of organizations funded by the European Union, where she coordinated one of the projects and became devoted to the development of human resources for the unemployed, the elder people, and women after maternity. Currently, she enjoys working in an international community.

Adriana Kubrychtová
Assistant to the Head of School
Adriana studied behavioral sciences in Charles University in Prague. After studies, she spent 8 years living in Sweden where she worked in an international marketing for pharmaceutical research company as a Swedish to Czech translator. She has been working with CIS since March 2016. She lives in little town Loket and her passions are nature, good books or running in the woods with her dog.
Veronika Kramperová
Veronika completed her secondary studies at the Business Academy and thereafter she studied the bachelor program at the Faculty of Economics at the University of West Bohemia.
She started to work as an accountant at CIS in January 2015. Veronika is an active member of the Czech Voluntary Fire Brigade Union. She enjoys roller skating, playing volleyball and skiing in winter.


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